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miss pamela and her wacky gto's
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The GTO's were Los Angeles groupies in the late '60s who formed an all-girl rock band under the musical guidance of Frank Zappa. The GTO acronym didn't have one definitive meaning, except the "G" always stood for girls and the "T" for together. The "O" was open to interpretation but most people said it stood for "Outrageously."

The GTO's were known for their outrageous fashions and for having the title "Miss" in front of each of their names. The group members were Miss Pamela, Miss Christine, Miss Lucy, Miss Sandra, Miss Sparky, Miss Cynderella, and Miss Mercy. The GTO's recorded their first and only album, "Permanent Damage," which received mixed reviews and failed to make an impact on the charts. The album is now considered a collector's item. The group split up for good after some of the members were busted for drugs, much to the disapproval of the anti-drug Frank Zappa.

Pamela went on to become the most famous GTO, having achieved her greatest notoriety because of her 1987 tell-all memoir, "I'm With The Band," published under her married name Pamela Des Barres. Sparky has been an executive at Disney. She and Mercy are still close friends with Pamela. Cynderella was once married to the Velvet Underground's John Cale. Mercy got married to a man named Leonard, who Pamela says looks "just like Ike Turner." A film documentary about Miss Mercy is in the works. The rest of the GTO's have died: Christine of a drug overdose, Lucy of AIDS, and Sandra of cancer.

(from Groupie Central)



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When I'm sad my horizontal skips
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